Signed up for the Classic 52DC that runs 10/28-12/18. This covers Halloween, Thanksgiving and all of Chanukah (12/6-12/14), as well as two trips; one to to see family and one, possibly, for some professional development.

My official goals are:
CE: 0/0/80
RT: 0/14 (0%)
CT: 0/14 (0%)
PG1: WL 12 lbs
PG2: 1 L H20 / day, 0/0/45
PG3: no drive-throughs 0/0/45

I also have a couple of unofficial goals: get to bed no later than 10:00pm and get up no later than 4:45am every day, pack lunch every day but stay out of the lunchroom at work as much as possible, wear makeup every day, don’t say a word at any work meetings unless someone asks a direct question and even then keep the answer as short as possible, start using the fitness room at the apartment complex, and cook 90% of the meals consumed during this challenge. Meaning, 52 days x 4 meals per day = 208 meals, so eat no more than 20 meals at a restaurant during this entire challenge, although I may need to adjust that for the travel.

By the time the Challenge kicks off I’ll know whether the martial arts classes are best counted as RT or CT.

Surprised by that. I was expecting to be over 210 lbs, considering all the stupid eating I’ve been doing.

It’s been an interesting couple of months. Mom had a triple bypass back on Aug 21 and then there were issues with the leg incision. She’s neither fat nor diabetic so this came out of left field. Another surgery is scheduled for this week to close the  wound. In the meantime, my vocabulary has expanded: NPWT, eschar, debridement

In the past week and a half I’ve started cooking again, reasserting control of my kitchen and budget. Last week’s take to work lunches were Chicken Ropa Vieja on rice. This week’s are cabbage casserole (also from the slow cooker) on rice. For breakfasts I’ve made egg muffins using spinach, shrooms and cheddar and also baked up a batch of cornbread. These have been interspersed with junk food and ice cream, but the pendulum is swinging back towards smarter eating. Thinking of doing the MH 52DC that starts at the end of October. Signed up for martial arts classes that start around the same time, so at least some of the exercise goals will be taken care of that way.

Nothing new to say about work, so I am not going to say anything, except that I think refocusing on fitness and nutrition is a good precursor to exploring the job market.

Back to work tomorrow morning after a busy and educational summer wherein I went to Israel for three weeks and Massachusetts for one week. Learned a lot on both trips. Will post some pics later

Mom’s surgery was postponed twice more and is now scheduled for Wednesday morning.

That CF box I tried back in June was not a good fit.

One pair of jeans from August 2015 (206 lbs). One pair of jeans from August 2006 (137 lbs). There’s a reason why I kept the old jeans, right? Not quite willing to let go of the idea of being strong again. I’ve expressed the difference in lbs/weight but it is so much more than that.





Had a hair color appointment at the salon this morning (cuts I get at the barbershop, color at the salon) and five minutes into it the salon owner announced the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, a.k.a gay marriage. In the time it took the color to process I read the decision; it’s only 103 pages and that includes notes. Loved it: the majority opinion is passionate and the dissents are witty and trenchant.

I’m glad that marriage equality won, but my favorite section of the ruling is actually from Justice Thomas’s dissent: “The corollary of that principle is that human dignity cannot be taken away by the government. Slaves did not lose their dignity (any more than they lost their humanity) because the government allowed them to be enslaved. Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them. And those denied governmental benefits certainly do not lose their dignity because the government denies them those benefits. The government cannot bestow dignity, and it cannot take it away.” Emphasis added because I absolutely love that line. That’s from p.94 of the pdf, which is also p.17 of that dissent.

The salon is one I’ve gone to for some time for hair color, but they’ve recently moved to a new location. I liked the “We Serve Everyone Only” sign that they put on the door, but I’m puzzled as to why they still have gendered bathrooms.

I haven’t read Johnson v. United States yet, which was also issued this morning, but I plan to do so next week.

Running around trying to get several things done before my upcoming Israel trip.

Mom’s surgery was postponed again, this time to early July. As mom says: “every delay contains a blessing” (except she can say it perfectly in Libyan Judeo-Arabic and I say it in English and Hebrew.)

Got my schedule for next year and it’s packed, as usual. I’m teaching one class that I haven’t taught for several years and another that is brand new.

As a method of stress reduction, binge-watching Sons of Anarchy (one season down, six to go) is somewhat better for me than scarfing down copious amounts of ice cream.

Some politics, some good reading, some personal life stuff. Too tired to split it up into separate posts; skip whatever doesn’t work for you.

1.a. According to this article, #WeWillShootBack is still active on Twitter, and this article says it has over 25000 mentions thus far. Good. Disarmament is never an appropriate response to terror.

1.b. Other trenchant reading on this attack (not firearms related):
The House is Burning by Steven Barnes; and,
Virginia Postrel’s take on the flaws in Governor Haley’s statement.

2. Mom is scheduled for a quadruple bypass on Wednesday. This is one of those moments where I really want things to turn out a certain way (no complications, the most smooth, problem free, most successful operation the surgeon and his cardiac team have ever done) but have no influence on the outcome beyond prayer. And I’ve never subscribed to the vending machine model of the Almighty: insert prayers, get your wishes fulfilled. Sigh. At times like these there’s a Hebrew expression I go back to: “השם לא עובד אצלנו”. Lit. “God doesn’t work for us.” It means that God is not the employee of human beings; God doesn’t take orders from us on how to run the universe.

3. After getting nine years of service out of my little flip phone, I finally bought a smartphone. Excellent service from the gentleman at the Apple store. I am going to write a delighted e-mail to his managers tomorrow.

1. The hashtag #wewillshootback is trending on Twitter in response to the attack on the Church in South Carolina. If you have not read Akinyele Omowale Umoja‘s We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement, I highly recommend it, and suggest reading it in tandem with Charles E. Cobb Jr.’s This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (which I mentioned a year ago) and Nicholas Johnson‘s Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms.

2. Shooting Tips for Beginners series on Youtube: series intro, body position/stance, pistol functions, range basics, trigger control,  aimingsight picture, gripping the handgun, dominant eyeready position, loading and unloading, shooting pairs.

3. Mr. Colion Noir‘s video from 2013 is still valid:


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