TNT Day 29: Errands

The snow effect is due to this.

My former study partner gave birth this morning. She and her husband welcomed baby #1, a girl. I haven’t decided what to send them yet, but I’m leaning towards lullaby cds.

Going down my pre-trip to-do list, which is expanding and shrinking at the same time. Paid bills this morning, bought a jacket and slippers, sorted laundry but didn’t actually do laundry… Got spinach, green onions, mixed greens and the October issue of PowerliftingUSA. Why did I buy the October issue when we’re at the end of December? Because it had a woman on the cover and I had somehow missed it when it first came out.

Not enough water today. I don’t know why I’m being such an idiot about the water, but I am.

Booked my flights to Canada for Passover. (It’s in April, which seems a long way off but really is a mere three and a half months away; better start cleaning now.) Decided to go via Milwaukee with Midwest rather than direct with Air Canada because Midwest was kind and helpful when I had to fly home for the funeral in October.