One of my cousins decided to call me at 10:45pm last night to inform me about the demise of Bin Laden. Apparently cousin thought that since I don’t own a tv, I had no way of hearing the news. I was polite but unimpressed at having my sleep interrupted. I manage to keep abreast of current events just fine, thank you very much. (Speaking of the demise, this post at The Agitator has a sobering take on the matter.)

Very stressful day. Just under 11 hours at work, and it ended with a longer to-do list than the one I had this morning. Let’s just say that if I hadn’t tracked food throughout the day I would have bought and then scarfed down pizza and ice cream this evening.

Things done yesterday to increase the chances of success today: presetting the coffee machine so that I’d wake up to freshly brewed coffee, assembling most of my lunch, and setting out the dishes I’d need to make breakfast.

Today’s food: 36=29dt+7wa (42 wa remaining)
Using the ww pts to track because it’s faster than entering all the macros on FD. I’m no longer a ww member, but I still have all the materials (as well as the little blue calculator gadget) so I may as well use them.
– Breakfast [8]: egg + egg white, bagel thin, slice cheese, ketchup, coffee, 2 tbsps half and half
– Snack [4]: banana, biscotti, coffee, 2 tbsps half and half
– Lunch [8]: yogurt, cabbage salad, 1 tbsp dressing, bagel thin, turkey, apple, diet ginger ale
– Snack [4] kashi bar, apple
– Dinner [12] banana, pasta with veggies, mini bag popcorn, instant decaf coffee, 0.75 c. 1% milk.
– Water: 1L