Ego is a Wonderful Thing

Post contains profanity.

Today’s training
Gym session with D.
– Zercher carry 60 yds: 98lbs, 118lbs, 133lbs  ss w/ farmers walk 60 yds, 1st  set w/ 32Kg/70.5lbs kb per hand, tot wt 141lbs. 2nd & 3rd sets with 40Kg/88lbs kb per hand, tot wt 176 lbs. Finally got two 20Kg plates on the bar for the Zerchers.:)
– single overhead kb carry e/s 16kg/35lbs kb x 60yds, 20Kg/44lbs kb x 60yds, 20Kg/44lbs kb x 60yds ss w/ harness sled drag 180 lbs, 30yds+30yds (30.8s + 28.2s), 30yds+30yds (26.1s+32.2s),  30yds+30yds (25.6s + 27.2s).

So we load two 20Kg plates on the bar and I start my third Zercher carry set. I walk 30yds and turn to walk the 30yds back, and the bar starts tilting. With apologies to Yeats, things fall apart, the collars cannot hold, and 44lb plates are loosed upon the gym. Fortunately I was using the short fat bar and rubber plates and the latter simply bounced and rolled away, because iron plates and a standard length bar would have put a dent in the nearby wall (or in me). Since I am not easily rattled (I teach middle-schoolers, remember?) I merely looked up at D and hollered across the gym “You need new collars“. We re-loaded the bar, and I asked D to take it back to the starting point. I wanted to reset and go for a continuous 60yd carry, not a 30+30. We used new collars this time. The old collars are about 12-15 years old, which may have something to do with their failure. So, overall, an entertaining Zercher carry, with the bonus that I ended up doing 90yds total with 133lbs.

The harness sled drag was going well – some of the fastest drags I’ve ever done – but as I started the last set of 20Kg overhead single kb carry I felt unsteady. I slowed down a bit and told myself that if I still felt this way at the turn I would stop and call it a day. However, when I turned around, I noticed that a skinny salesperson had come into the gym and was standing around waiting for an opportune moment to do a sales pitch. I thought she was selling supplements like the dude from last week; turned out she was selling radio ads. As soon as I saw her, my ego kicked in, and my mental focus sharpened. My instinctive reaction was: “No fucking way am I dropping a little 44lb kb overhead carry in front of a skinny salesperson who probably thinks fat people are weak.” Obviously I have no idea what she thinks, and her body size is entirely her business, but visceral egotistical reactions come in handy sometimes. I finished the carry, did another 60yds with the other hand, and went on to do another set of sled drags. So, thank you advertising salesperson wherever you are, and I hope you had a very profitable day.:)

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3 thoughts on “Ego is a Wonderful Thing

  1. I love it that your ego kicked in. Mental focus is a beautiful thing and I need to remind myself to go into that zone more often.

    Just realized that next month is National Yoga Month and I feel like I should take, at least, one different class. We’ll see…

  2. D – I had no idea there was such a thing as National Yoga Month, but lo and behold. I’m going to ask the studio if they’re marking it in any way.

    GS – The Yeats just worked so well here.:) Maybe I’ll do some Wallace Stevens next week (a kettlebell on a gym floor is like a jar on a hill in Tennessee…)

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