No Perfect Days

Woke up early. Drove to a new (to me) ww location that had a 7:30am meeting. Signed up for 17 weeks at $194. Interestingly, that’s just a tad more than two shares of McD0nald’s stock cost these days.:) Weighed in at a jeans wearing 186.6 lbs.

The room was nice: bright and airy with comfortable armless green chairs that matched. The meeting leader was a man. I liked the entirely different vibe this produced. The program materials look better than they did last time. Whomever does the graphic design work for ww knows their stuff.

I could come up with several reasons why I should have postponed this sign up. I’m busy, I’m traveling, Pesach is less than two weeks away, I’m tired, I can’t go to the gym until I do laundry… but there aren’t any perfect, curveball-free weeks in my future. If I continue to ingest carbs as my all-purpose stress treatment, I’ll wake up on the other side of 200lbs post-Pesach and will likely be in heart attack territory by Shavuot.

So there will be tracking, and minimal cooking, and deep breathing, and a return to the gym, even though there are food events on the way. Tomorrow afternoon I’m taking someone out for sushi. At the retreat later this month I will have to deal with whatever food is available. Once April arrives there’s a fundraising dinner I’ve agreed to attend, an evening at the local BWW to watch UFC 145 and of course, two Seders.

But I’ll deal with these things one at a time.

Planned this menu last night. I like everything on it. No multistep cooking. This is what I am going to stick to on normal days. It has way more Pts+ than ww suggests. In theory I should be consuming 33 Pts+ per day (26 daily and 7 from the weekly allowance). The foods below work out to 39 Pts+, because the Pts+ calculator goes into hysterics when confronted with large amounts of fat grams. Eventually the TJ frozen meal will go away, which will drive down the carb grams. For now, I need it to be where it is.

Breakfast: 2 sb eggs, steamed sweet potato, coffee, 1 tbsp cream, 2 S’n’L.
Mid-morning: coffee, 1 tbsp cream, 2 S’n’L.
Lunch: TJs frozen meal, 1 can diet cola, apple.
Afternoon: 0.5c pistachios in shell (not consuming the shells, obviously), 1 hb egg
Dinner: Israeli salad (cucumber, tomato, red pepper, green onion, olive oil, lemon juice), 1 oz blue cheese, 1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder.
Totals: 1472 KCal, 78.5g P, 81g F, 110.1g C, 16.7g Fb.

Absolutely Excellent Reading Elsewhere
The Ethics of Going Armed by Marko Kloos. This is wonderful.
Are You As Busy As You Think by Laura Vanderkam. I am not going to whine about being busy ever again.
– A dog story, with pics that made me get all mushy and sentimental. (I am, ordinarily, neither.)

2 thoughts on “No Perfect Days

  1. You are absolutely right about no perfect weeks in the future. That was my recent epiphany – if not now, when?

    Enjoyed the links. I consider myself a gun-totin’ liberal, which often shocks my friends. I could echo every word in that post.

    However, you ARE as busy as you think! I know I’m not, I waste a lot of time on the computer, it’s undeniable.

  2. “…but there aren’t any perfect, curveball-free weeks in my future.”

    Nicely said. I’ll have to remember this as well.

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