It never always gets worse.” — Dr. David Horton, quoted in Sam Sheridan‘s The Fighter’s Mind, p.150

That quote ought to be on a t-shirt. Better yet, it should be on the whiteboard in the gym.

Let’s not talk about food right now. Or ever. Let’s talk about training instead.

– Deadlifts 10x45lbs, 10x88lbs, 10x120lbs, 10x110lbs, 10x98lbs, 10x60lbs. 1 min box shuffle after each set.
– 3 x [single overhead kb carry 16kg x 60yds e/s ss w/ med ball slams 12 x 15lbs]

Talking about training isn’t helping either.

So damn frustrated and disgusted with being weak right now. Want to go back in time to 2006, when I was strong and doing so much more.

Back to the gym tomorrow.

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